Just Headphone About Us Story

Just Headphone About Us Story

Our Story
Just Headphone was formed by its CEO Shawn Marks in 2012. Shawn had a dream to form an online business for many years and he finally stopped dreaming and took a step out on faith and did just that. For a long while, he struggled to market and brand and build the website to what it is today. His faith never waivered over the years even though he still hadn’t reached an audience or made any sales to anyone other than family and friends. He spent countless days and nights studying website coding and marketing strategies. He also spent thousands of dollars trying to gain recognition online through marking and branding. After so much time had gone by and dollars spent he still hadn’t reached his goal, but he was determined to make his business thrive and to show everyone that this was as business and not just a hobby. Shawn felt that while working 60 plus hours a week in his full-time job that he just needed a partner and that would solve a lot of his problems because he was only one man with so much to execute his plan. It wasn’t until 3 years later that he found a great business partner, but he found one. It turns out that not only did he gain a business partner, but he’d found his life partner. In 2015 he met his now wife and VP of Just Headphone Glenise Marks. She came alongside him and his company and offered encouragement, creativity guidance and experience running a business. Together with the two of them Just Headphone was born again and they have reached customers online and in their local community through their presence at flea markets.

Our Mission
Just Headphone strives to be a small business who provides superior customer experiences that is truly personable and meaningful. Just Headphone will work diligently to keep up with trends in electronics for entertainment to continue to provide its’ customers with the best new and quality products in demand. We want to treat every customer like a friend and not a just a number. One person or family at a time we want to leave you with a great impression not to just sell you headphones, but we want to make a difference.

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President/CEO Shawn Marks
Shawn Marks is originally from a small town in Michigan called Benton Harbor, right off the beautiful Lake Michigan. Shawn always had big dreams and desires of being a businessman. He’s always been independent and very determined when he made up his mind that he wanted to do something. Shawn also has a passion for culinary arts, he left his small town in Michigan and moved to the state where everything is BIGGER and attended culinary school. He wants to also be a restaurant owner someday. Being in a big city, he saw new things and his dreams also became bigger in Texas and that’s when he decided that he’d start a small business. He went through a lot of trial and error with different ideas and small companies he started, but none were very successful so they took the role of being hobbies. He didn’t need a hobby though he desperately wanted a successful business. He knew personally that Americans were moving more and more towards shopping online and that’s when he decided that ecommerce was the way to go. He wanted to offer something that all people can use for something that was universal and offer it at price that could not be refused. Everyone loves music! And people across the entire world could use a product that will deliver the music we all know and love.

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Vice-President Glenise Marks
Glenise is originally from Los Angeles, California where everyone wants a ticket to Hollywood stardom. Glenise from a small child always had an old soul and could do without the fast track, lights and glam of Hollywood. She saw something different than what others saw on television about her environment so she moved to Dallas, TX where she found that opportunities were limitless and she could live a more fulfilled life. Glenise always had aspirations to serve those less fortunate and be involved in the community. Glenise has an extensive background in customer relations with large Corporate businesses as well experience in Finance and Operations Management with banks and credit unions. She is able to help individuals and people through her work at the bank or credit union but still wanted to go deeper. She too stopped hoping and dreaming and actually acted on those feelings and formed a non-profit organization to assist homeless women and children with housing, financial literacy and mentoring. With her business management skills and love for helping people she brings the perfect balance that Just Headphone needs.