30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Business experts often comment on the flawed "money back" guarantees out in the world, and warn business owners that any offers made that don't really include fairness, good terms, and unconditional promises will break trust with clients. Ultimately, so many businesses have ignored this advice that it is typical for a consumer to roll their eyes at the term "money back guarantee" or "easy returns".

This is why Just Headphone goes to great lengths to explain just how fair, generous, and unconditional our policies really are. Take the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee offered to any of our loyal customers. This is not something designed with all kinds of loop holes that let us get out of refunds. While other firms might say they have unconditional warranties and refunds, but also refuse to accept anything that has been opened or which customers find to be of lower quality than expected, Just Headphone does not.

"No Questions Asked" At Just Headphone, we extend a true no questions asked policy. At any time during the 30 days after an item was delivered you have the option of returning it for a refund. The item must be "like new", but it doesn't have to be unopened. A product returned to us for refund in the 30 day time frame is refunded: if it is opened we refund you the price, minus a 15% restocking fee. If a product is unopened, we waive that fee. We also waive the fee if you are doing an exchange for an item that is of equal or greater value.

What else is there to know? Though we are happy to extend the full refund on unopened items or subtract only that 15% restocking fee for the opened items, we cannot refund any mailing costs (though some exceptions might apply). It is up to the customer to choose which carrier they want to entrust, and to purchase the shipping when they return any item.

International buyers will use the Global Shopex International Solution that extends some of the best service and pricing to our customers. Buyers are responsible for shipping costs, VAT, import surcharges, and other delivery fees.

It really is that simple - just get in touch with us within that 30 days, pay to ship the item back, and we'll do the deal according to the simple, money back guarantee we just described. No secret terms, no hidden fees, no slippery loop holes that cost you.

Why do we seem so lenient compared to bigger companies? It is all about loyalty - our loyalty to customers and their ongoing loyalty to us. The world of business has been changing, and it has become too easy for companies to forget that they are dealing with real people. We don't, and we also know that we are dealing with clients who have very high standards where sound and audio gear is concerned. We are honored that customers turn to us for headphones, accessories, electronics, and more. To ensure that we have a real relationship with them, we extend a real money back guarantee at all times.
30-Day Money Back Guarantee